Identify the bottlenecks in your software developemnt projects

Improve productivity of your development teams and efficiently run your engineering org



Get breakup of time spent on all development activites

See where your teams's time is going with issues chart which gives breakup of time spent on all the issues by their type.

Minimize Time spent on non development activities

See if you need to imrpove product documentation or testing with help of triage charts

Do you need to hire more/augment team

See if your team is overloaded/underloaded using backlog charts

Check quality of work

See the ratio of prs getting repoened with overall prs merged to ascertain quality of code delivered

Check if code is reviewed on time

Check if code is getting reviewed within acceptable limits with code to review metrics

Is infrastructure working as expected

See how much time it is taking to merge the code after its reviewed with approval to merge charts


Check if team is performing at acceptable levels

See if bugs and features are getting closed within acceptable limits with the help of bugs/features charts

See what needs your immediate attention

Check top issues/reviews sorted by age to surface long running issues

See data for single repository or combined output

Get single view of all the metrics for multiple repositories

How to use



Register your organization


Set github token

Set the github token with the appropriate permissions for the repositories you want to analyze


Enable repositories

Enable the repositories that you want to be analyze in the app


Analyze the data

Select team, repository and dates to analyze data


Simple pricing



5 users

5 repositories

5 month data retention

Scheduled reports on mail *


Free 30 day trial

Additional users at $25/user/month

* Coming soon